Supplier Onboarding

The key to your project's success.

2, 4, 6, 8. How many of your suppliers participate?

Onboarding and engaging suppliers is often the biggest sticking point. It’s not only your biggest suppliers that matter. If all your suppliers don’t participate, it’s difficult to increase your efficiency, reduce costs, capture discounts, and get a high ROI.

Tradeshift leads the industry in supplier participation. We deliver high onboarding rates up to 75 times faster than our competitors, thanks to our innovative methods. And we don’t just focus on your biggest suppliers – we get your long tail on board, too.

In just 6 months, Tradeshift onboarded more suppliers for the world's most recognized athletic apparel, footwear and equipment brand than our competitor did in 4 years.

Suppliers love us. Really.

With Tradeshift, suppliers only have to onboard once for multiple processes, whether they’re AP, procurement, or finance-related.

Unlike other solutions, suppliers love to use Tradeshift. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s modern, it’s mobile, and it works with all their customers. We ease suppliers into using Tradeshift so naturally, they may not even realize they’ve been onboarded.

Tradeshift uses a six‑pronged approach to supplier onboarding that delivers impressive results.

1. No supplier fees. Ever.

Tradeshift was built with suppliers in mind. Free e-invoicing for suppliers means they can use Tradeshift, no matter what volume of invoices they send, and it will always be free for them. Period.

2. Modern marketing automation.

We engage suppliers with web-savvy tools like tracked email campaigns, online banner ads, branded landing pages and other digital tools to engage them with Tradeshift naturally.

3. “White glove” service.

Your high-value, large-volume suppliers get personal attention from Tradeshift’s professional support staff to help ease them into using Tradeshift.

4. Innovative “event-driven” approach.

We catch suppliers at key moments of interest (like flipping your PO into an invoice, reviewing a CloudScan-converted invoice, responding to an early payment offer) and onboard them so quickly & easily, they barely realize they’ve been onboarded.

5. Superior value for suppliers.

Suppliers can use Tradeshift with all their customers without creating a new account; they can attract new customers with profiles; and they can use Tradeshift with their own suppliers.

6. Consultative excellence.

We’ll help you analyze your supplier base and determine the best strategy for onboarding them. Then, we’ll consult on migration and integration for your suppliers to help them onboard as easily as possible.

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Sharon Davidson: One supplier’s success story.

For small business owners like Sharon, cash flow and on-time payments are vital. Download this 2-page Q&A to read Sharon’s story.

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Sharon Davidson, NHS SBS Supplier
"I find Tradeshift easy, simple, very quick, and I actually get paid. I find it seamless and effective."
Sharon DavidsonManaging Director at Aresko