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Tradeshift Chosen to Help Zurich Insurance Group ‘Change the Way it Does Business’

Global insurance company adopts platform for complete procure-to-pay transformation
January 7, 2016 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Tradeshift, the leading global supplier collaboration platform, today announced that it has been selected by Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) (VTX: ZURN) to help optimize the insurer’s supplier-facing business processes by delivering innovation, efficiency and cost reductions in its global accounts payable and procurement operations.

Tradeshift’s network-based, procure-to-pay solution will help Zurich enhance and automate several processes in accounts payable, such as reducing and replacing paper invoices with automated e-invoicing with workflow. In turn, the costly repetitive administrative-intensive aspects of invoicing and transactions will be a thing of the past. Suppliers to Zurich will be able to easily upload invoices and, ultimately, manage their own data for improved accuracy.

Additionally, Zurich will be one of the first customers to implement Tradeshift® Buy, the all-in-one, integrated procurement solution.

“In line with Zurich’s commitments to corporate and environmental responsibility, we are delighted to work closely with Tradeshift on a sustainable approach to processing supplier invoices, and towards an entirely electronic procure-to-pay process. As we will utilize Tradeshift’s invoicing solution, we are also excited to leverage its integrated eProcurement capabilities to support the procurement vision across our geographies,” said Kian Shroff, Global Head of Procurement at Zurich.

By combining Tradeshift’s AP automation and operational procurement tools, Zurich will have an integrated solution that delivers user-focused best practices, reduced supply chain management costs, and innovation that is all enabled by the unique design of the cloud-based global platform.

Zurich plans to first implement Tradeshift in Europe and then later in the US. Zurich also has ambitious plans to expand the solution across its other regions.

“The addition of Zurich is a milestone as we continue to rapidly grow our customer base in Europe,” commented Charles Royon, Vice President EMEA, Tradeshift. “The company has selected Tradeshift over competing offerings because we will help them think differently about their processes and align them to best practices. We are excited to be a part of the journey that Zurich has embarked on and look forward to help deliver to this global company a highly efficient and collaborative supply chain.”


Tradeshift创立于2010年,已成为世界著名的商业平台,也是将SaaS+PaaS完善整合的企业级数字化服务商。它将全球买家和供应商联系在一起,连接190个国家的150多万家公司,年交易额达5000多亿美元,并拥有一个涵盖2800万SKU的全球在线市场(Marketplace)。Tradeshift为客户提供从采购到付款、供应商管理和金融服务的解决方案,让客户和合作伙伴能在Tradeshift商业平台上使用商业应用,同时也可以根据自身需求定制应用。 Tradeshift总部位于旧金山,在哥本哈根、纽约、伦敦、巴黎、苏州、东京、慕尼黑、法兰克福、悉尼、布加勒斯特、奥斯陆和斯德哥尔摩均设有办事机构。

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