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This Nordic venture could well end up disrupting not just the business software industry but the banking industry as well.
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2017年12月3日—5日,为期三天的第四届世界互联网大会在浙江乌镇顺利举行。大会以“发展数字经济促进开放共享——携手共建网络空间命运共同体”为主题,吸引了来自全球400多个国家的1500嘉宾参与此次盛会。   Read more »
2017年9月15日,Tradeshift受邀参加中国财界领袖前沿峰会,并荣获“2017年度最佳财务变革方案奖”。   Read more »
作为创始人,Chirstian带领着Tradeshift从丹麦走向世界,一步步建立起全球化的商业平台。那么,作为企业灵魂人物的他是如何看待“一带一路”对全球贸易的影响?怎么分析Tradeshift与阿里巴巴的关系?Tradeshift在中国要做些什么?此次媒体专访,Chirstian将答案娓娓道来,为读者展现一个不一样的Tradeshift。   Read more »
2017年3月,Tradeshift成功收购IBX Business Network,一举成为全球最大的商业平台。它成功地连接了190个国家的150多万家公司,年交易额达5000多亿美元,并拥有一个涵盖2800万SKU的全球在线市场(Marketplace)。 更早的2016年6月,由Data Collective领投,汇丰银行、美国运通、淡马锡和宜信旗下的新金融产业投资基金等机构共同投资,总投资金额为7500万美元的D轮融资更是让这个互联网新贵一时名声大噪。 那么这到底是一家怎样的公司,有什么样的定位和使命?在此次媒体专访中,我们就这些问题一一向公司灵魂人物创始人&CEO Chirstian Lanng先生求证,来看看他是如何思考的。   Read more »
最严发票令   Read more »
一个公司的诞生很多时候是创始人灵感乍现,而一个公司的高度则是不断思考和演进的结果。   Read more »
June 9, 2016
Data Collective leads and HSBC, American Express Ventures, among others, join as new investors   Read more »
March, 29, 2016
Partnership plays a role to digitize cross-border trade and enable China’s Internet Plus strategy to modernize its economy as outlined in the government’s 13th Five-Year Plan   Read more »
March 8, 2016
MetaProcure’s managed procurement services powered by Tradeshift delivers sustainable supply chain management value   Read more »
February 2, 2016
Tradeshift Continues Global Momentum With Record Growth in 2015 Achieves nearly 250% year-over-year growth in transaction value and signs new customers from across the Fortune 500   Read more »
January 21, 2016
Partnership Will Generate At Least $3 Million to Fight AIDS Over Next Three Years   Read more »
January 7, 2016
Global insurance company adopts platform for complete procure-to-pay transformation   Read more »
November 3, 2015
Tradeshift® Risk Brings Real-Time Risk Monitoring and Compliance to Supplier Collaboration Platform   Read more »
October 15, 2015
Tradeshift is now the global e-invoicing platform for e-Everything   Read more »
September 29, 2015
Tradeshift® Buy Unites Buyers, Suppliers and Products in Single, Open Collaborative Platform   Read more »
September 17, 2015
Selectica SmartSource® App Delivers Integrated Sourcing Solution on Tradeshift Platform   Read more »
August 27, 2015
Tradeshift referenced in: Multienterprise Grid Functionality; All-In-One Supplier Collaboration Platforms; Dynamic Discounting; E-invoicing; and Procurement Networks   Read more »
August 11, 2015
Best-In-Class Product Information Management (PIM) Boosts Value of the Tradeshift Network   Read more »
July 23, 2015
Monthly platform transactions exceed billions of dollars with over 2 million activations of supplier collaboration apps.   Read more »
July 21, 2015
App Integration Helps Customers Achieve Sustainable Procurement Goals   Read more »
June 30, 2015
Adding the C2FO App to the Tradeshift Platform Will Provide More Suppliers Access to the World’s Largest Working Capital Market   Read more »
June 11, 2015
Global supply chain expertise accelerates Tradeshift’s mission to connect the world’s buyers and suppliers on one cloud platform   Read more »
May 05, 2015
Former Concur / SAP Executive To Lead Global Platform Expansion   Read more »
April 14, 2015
Newest Customer Win Solidifies Strong Presence in Europe   Read more »
February 4, 2015
Tradeshift, the fastest growing business transformation and collaboration platform, today announced two new ventures in France.   Read more »
January 27, 2015
The alliance with Japan’s largest staffing company further solidifies Tradeshift’s presence in Japan following their 2014 entry into the region.   Read more »
January 21, 2015
The Company Brings 25 Fortune 500 Companies Into the Circular Economy   Read more »
January 08, 2015
Tradeshift Closes 2014 With Year-over-Year Network Transaction Growth of 600%   Read more »
December 16, 2014
Initiative Inspired By Being Named a Finalist in The Circulars   Read more »
September 25, 2014
Tradeshift’s expansion efforts began earlier this year when the company established a presence in China on the heels of securing $75 million in funding.   Read more »
June 30, 2014
New market research shows most accounts payables organizations are lagging behind in automation at a time when they're increasingly under pressure to contribute strategically to enterprise financial operations.   Read more »
June 18, 2014
The Tradeshift platform will provide an open and fluid environment to transact over 2.5 million invoices annually between ADM and its global supplier network.   Read more »
May 01, 2014
First-of-its-Kind Co-innovation Initiative Expected to speed up time-to-benefit for enterprise procure to pay organizations   Read more »
February 25, 2014
Series C Round to Fund Global Expansion; Forms Growth Partnership in Asia   Read more »
March 5, 2012
As a result, true 100% online invoicing is now within reach for every business in the world - the vital innovation that will bring e-invoicing to the masses.   Read more »

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